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Freeform Crochet Fun & Frivolity Crochet-a-long: Week 2

May 11, 2010

May Day Instruction:

Ch2, < dc in first stitch, ch1, skip next stitch > repeat from < to > .

Now get a piece of ribbon (May Day… ribbon… get it??!?!?!) and thread it through the row you’ve just created… over one stitch and under the next 🙂

Instead of using ribbon I made a single crochet strip in a contrasting color &    inserted it through.

Week 2 Instruction – May 3rd

Okay, it’s Bank Holiday Monday here and I’m off to walk the dog and play rugby with TheOne, FOD (father of Daughter – ex-husband, DD n her main squeeze (ahem, sorry, boyfriend), DSS (step-son) and his (no, won’t make that mistake again!) girlfriend, and DSD (step-daughter)… big family day sooooooo….

Amount of stitches

The number of letters in each of your children’s names… add them all together… do each child separately…whatever way you like 🙂  Added the letters of their first names together for 19.

Number of rows

No row instructions today 🙂  I did 3 rows – one for each child.

Hook size

Yarn appropriate : “G”


Pick one that makes you think of your children: Brown – the color of their hair.


Same as yarn choice 🙂


Puff Stitch

I’ve learned there’s  a knit-along that is running concurrently with the crochet-along. I like the idea of it not being only knit or crochet, and I think I’ll need the extra pieces to be sure the blanket gets big enough.

Week 1 Instruction – April 30th

For the newbies in the group I’m starting with basic stitches and will ramp up as we go along to take them along a learning curve with us.

Amount of stitches

How many teaspoons do you have in your drawers? 12 teaspoons

Multiply this number by the amount of sharp knives you own and this is your number of stitches. 3 sharp knives. 36 stitches
Follow the instructions for small and then times it by 4 (for the month of April).

Number of rows

Now think about your favourite vegetable, how many letters has it got in it’s name? This is your number of rows. Asparagus: 9 rows

Needle size

3mm  Used 4.5 (7 mm)


This should be inspired by your favourite vegetable… so post a picture of it in the chat thread and tell us why it’s your favourite 🙂 Asparagus green!


Chinese Wave
If your number of stitches is an even number then add one to make it odd.
Row 1: Knit the whole row
Row 2: < K1, Slip 1 > repeat from < to > across, ending K1.
Row 3: Knit the whole row
Row 4: K2, < Slip 1, K1 > repeat from < to > across, ending K1.
Repeat rows 1 to 4 until you’ve done the required amount of rows.

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